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My skin felt like it was on fire. More fur grew in. It covered my entire body. My nose changed into an Umbreon's nose. My head started to change shape as well. It felt like my bones were melting. They started to reshape. After the fur grew in, I started to shrink. My eyes grew larger and my head finished reshaping. The rings disappeared from my wrists. They started to reappear on the sides of my arms and legs. My hands started to reform into paws.
My arms shortened and started to take the shape of fore legs. My actual legs also shortened and become hind legs. I looked in the mirror and saw that my irises started to dominate my eye. My pupils become slightly larger. I stopped shrinking and the pain started to fade. I was now an Umbreon. I still had my human mind, but I was already starting to get Pokémon instincts.
I looked at the others and they looked just like their Pokémon too. Espeon was slightly shorter than me. She looked to be about 3 feet tall. A weird jewel had appeared in the center of her forehead. Growlithe had orange fur with black stripes. He had a really fluffy tail. He looked shorter than Espeon. I looked at Mightyena. He looked really vicious. His fur was black on his back, his tail, and his paws. It was gray everywhere else. He was about the same height that I was.
I suddenly felt someone grab my ears and my neck. "FUCK!" I yelled. It hurt so much. I heard the others yell in pain as yell. We were taken to a different area than the cell block. They put us in cages. Mightyena and Growlithe were thrown in one. Espeon and I were thrown into the other. I looked at the others again. "So what do we do now?" I asked.
"Nothing," Mightyena said. "They completed the serum. We are in cages. And most importantly nobody will be able to understand us. We are fucked."
"Shut up!" Growlithe yelled.
"We're gonna get out of here," Espeon said. "We are full-fledged Pokémon. We have the same powers as Pokémon. We can fight them and escape. After we escape, we head to the place mentioned on the note."
"Alright," I said. "Growlithe try using ember or flamethrower or something like that. Burn through the bars to the cages."
"Alright," he said. He tried a couple of times. About 30 times I think. He sighed. "One more time. If it doesn't work, I'm giving up." He tried again. A small amount of fire shot out of his mouth. It melted the bars enough for them to get out of the cage. He smiled. He got out and melted the bars to my cage. Espeon went out first. I followed her. Mightyena came out of his cage with a sigh.
We went straight for the door. I stood up on my hind legs and I grabbed the handle with my mouth. I pulled it and opened the door. "Running time?" Growlithe asked.
"Running time I replied. We dashed out the door and turned right. I was trying to off of my memory of the way outside. We only got about five feet before we ran into a guard. I focused my energy and tried to remember an attack that Umbreon could use. The only one I could think of was Faint Attack. I tried to use the attack and I was successful. I hit him and knocked him over. We trampled him.
We made it to the cell block and turned left. I tried the door, but it was locked. "Go back and get that guard's keys," I told Mightyena. He growled and went back I saw him grab the keys. A security guard came out of the door right next to him. He saw Mightyena and grabbed his police baton. He tried to hit Mightyena with it, but he dodged and kicked him in the shin. He ran back to us and tossed me the keys. I caught them in my mouth and attempted to put them in the lock. I kept missing.
"Let me do it," Espeon said. I dropped the keys and she picked them up with her psychic powers. She put them in the lock and unlocked the door.
"Show off," Mightyena said. Espeon smiled. I pushed the door open and an alarm went off. We ran as fast as we possibly could to get to the fence. Mightyena pulled ahead of the rest of us. Growlithe shot and ember at the fence it melted just enough for us to crawl through.
"Growlithe you first!" I said. He made it through the fence without having to crawl too much. Mightyena followed after him. I turned around to see at least ten guards running towards us. They had guns out. The one in front fired and missed my ear by inches. I looked to were the bullet landed, to see that it wasn't a bullet. It was a dart. Probably full of tranquilizer.
I got ready to fight the guards. Espeon crawled under the fence. They started to shoot more tranquilizer darts. Most of them kept their distance. On security guard ran up to me. Before he could grab me, I used Headbutt on him. I hit him right in the stomach. He doubled over in pain. I crawled under the fence. We started to run again. I could see some tranquilizer darts landing in front of us. We were actually somehow able to get away from them.
We just kept running and running and running. We ran as far as we possibly could. We finally collapsed at the bottom of a hill. Growlithe kept going up. He made it to the top of the hill. "Guys!" he called. "I think I found something!" We lugged ourselves up the hill. I made it up first. I looked straight ahead and I saw a city. It wasn't too far away.
"The note said something about finding a city," Espeon panted. "I think it was something like Amber City." It was actually getting late. We decided to sleep there for the night. Mightyena walked off to one side of the hill. He fell over and went to sleep. Growlithe made a small hole in the hill to sleep in. I was tired, but I didn't feel like sleeping. I tried to remember everything I could about Umbreon. All I could remember was that they were nocturnal. I just decided to lie down. Espeon came over and lay down next to me.
"Sup?" I asked.
"Nothing," she yawned. "Just gonna sleep."
"How do you think people will react if they see us?"
"They'd probably freak out. Pokémon are not supposed to exist." I sighed. I noticed that as I relaxed, that my rings started to fade away.
"Let's just see if anything happens. I would suggest that we stay hidden though." She nodded. She closed her eyes and went to sleep. I decided to do the same. Right before I fully fell asleep, I felt Espeon put her head under my chin. I smiled and fell asleep.
I don't like this transformation scene as much as the first one. I kinda half assed the chapter. There will be swearing in the story. I was tired when i wrote this part.
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Carter1215 Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014
clearly the people there were idiots if they thought they could hold full on Pokémon in there with that much protection, I mean look at how easy it was for them to get out XD
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Where's part 5?
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well, it's nice so far, a little short seeming but nice
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Meh. Short or not, it will be many parts long probably.
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