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A few hours later, Sam came in and found me sleeping on the floor. "What the hell are you doing!?" She yelled when she saw me. I instantly woke up. I looked at her and gave a sheepish grin. She picked me up and put me back in the bed. "Fighting Lucario and then jumping out of the bed," she sighed. "It's like you want to kill yourself!" I just smiled. "Well because of that little stunt, I want you stay here for an extra two hours."
She looked at the clock in the room. It was 8:00 p.m. "You can leave at noon tomorrow." I sighed. "It's your own damn fault." She started to walk out of the room. She paused right before she closed the door. "We're close to finding a way to return you to normal, but I want you to think about something. The group of people who kidnapped you, they are not going to use the serum for good. They don't care about anybody and they will kill anyone who gets in their way. Going back to being human and your old life, it is probably a death sentence." She left.

"HEY!" I heard Sam yell. I woke up. "It's noon and you're still sleeping?"
"Well, I am nocturnal now," I replied.
"I don't care, you shouldn't sleep so much. It isn't healthy."
"It is for me and did you just understand me?!"
"Yeah, last night Bill and I fixed it to work better. It isn't perfect. It occasionally glitches back to your regular way of speaking. Like when you said you were nocturnal, I heard 'I am noct-umbre-al now.'"
"Ok so not fully functional, but it still works well." I stretched and tried to stand up. My legs were stiff, but I did stand up. I stretched a little more than stood up straight. I took a few steps to see if I could walk. I came to edge of the bed and got ready to jump down. Before I could, I felt Sam grab me with both arms. She picked me up and held me just under my forelegs. She placed me down on the floor. I turned and looked at her with a 'What the hell?' kind of look.
"Oh my gosh! I'm sorry!" she yelled. "I just thought you could use a hand getting down! I wasn't thinking!"
"It's ok. Calm down. I just wasn't expecting it, and I'm not used to it. Let's just try to avoid it in the future."
"Right. Sorry again." She opened the door and let me walk out. She came out after me and ran off down the left hall. I had no idea where I was so I walked down the right hall. I walked and eventually found myself back in the entrance room. I went down the hall to the rooms. I went into mine to see if Growlithe was there. He wasn't. I decided that I was still tired and I went to sleep.

(More third person)
Three Mightyena and Two Luxray were escorting a couple of security guards through Amber City. They were searching for a strong scent from the escaped Pokémon. They finally found something with a strong scent. A newspaper vending machine with the door broken off door. The Mightyena sniffed around the area. They suddenly started barking and tried to run off. The security guards let them go and ran after them.

"Alright this should do it, sorta," Sam said.
"What do you mean sorta?" Lucario asked.
"It isn't very powerful, so it should only restore you to your human form for a few hours."
"I'd like to give you a small dosage of it. It should only last for half an hour," Bill said.
"Will it hurt?" Lucario said while Sam injected him with the weak antidote.
"A little less than when you transformed." Lucario winced.
"Any blood loss?"
"There shouldn't be any." Lucario could already feel the serum start to take effect. Pain slowly flared throughout his body. He felt the end of his spin start to shorten. His tail was going away. He felt the bones where his spikes were start to crack and melt. His spikes melted back into his body. Skin and fur replaced where they used to be. His ears started to lose fur. They started to move back to the sides of his head and become more human like. His muzzle started to retreat back to his face. His teeth returned to normal as well. His eyes changed shape and became more human.
He started to itch all over the place. His fur started to retreat back into his skin. It started with his head. "Here are some clothes," Bill said. He gave Lucario a pair of shorts, underwear, and a t-shirt. "Come out when you're done." Lucario couldn't say anything. The pain was still there, but it didn't hurt that much. It was more like his entire body had falling asleep like a foot would. He could feel pins and needles anywhere. Bill and Sam left the room. His human hair remained and was just long enough to cover his forehead. It was black. His eyes returned to their natural green color. The fur on his chest and back was almost gone.
After a few more minutes, the fur was only on his hands and feet. They changed shape. They were no longer paws. They were normal human appendages. The rest of the fur retreated. He was completely human. And naked. He put the clothes on and looked at himself in a computer monitor. He saw that he was perfectly human. Not a trace of the Lucario that he had once been was still there. He smiled and walked out of the room.

(First person again)
Somebody was shaking me awake. "Go away!" I moaned. "I just want to sleep."
"Dude!" I heard Growlithe yell. "Sam and Bill did something awesome!" He continued to shake me.
"You have to see for yourself."
I groaned. I opened my eyes and sat up. My head hung limply I didn't think I had enough energy to raise it. I easily did. My head lulled towards Growlithe. My eyes were half opened. I knew my fur was a mess. I needed to take a shower or a bath or something soon. I probably looked like a zombie. "You know that you're like an annoying little brother right?" He just smiled.
"Alright, lead the way." He went out the door, I followed him. He led me through a small series of halls. We came turned a corner and saw Bill leaning against a door with a smile on his face. He saw us coming and opened the door. "Why are you so happy?"  He didn't say anything. I walked into the room and saw a human I haven't seen before. He was standing next to Sam. Espeon and Mightyena were off to one side of the room. He was slightly taller than her.
His hair was black and short. He had tan skin. His eyes were green. He wore a white T-shirt and blue shorts. "So who is this?" I asked.
"This is Lucario," Sam said.
"No seriously who is it?"
"I am Lucario." The new human said. He had Lucario's voice.
"So you actually made him human again?!"
"Well sorta," Bill said. "It's only temporary. We haven't found a way to make it permanent without killing you. He should go back to being a Lucario in about five minutes."
"Did it help him remember anything?"
"Yes actually. I remembered my first name."
"Well what is it?"
"Zach. Short for Zachariah."
So part 8. This entire part was half-assed. =P Sorry if it sucks. So more stuff! And Lucario's name is pronounced like Zack. First name that came to my mind. I've watched to much Supernatural =P oh well.
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Activestar Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2011  Student General Artist
i think it was quite good... for being half assed=p verry nice
wiiking9 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2011
why thank you. I wasn't sure how to go about doing a transformation from pokemon to human with Lucario. i guess i'll still have to do it in later parts.
Activestar Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2011  Student General Artist
yer, it wouldnt make sence otherwise
wiiking9 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2011
it was hard to write.
Activestar Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2011  Student General Artist
yer, i bet it was, its great, my story is a bit hard to write sometimes aswell, although i havent writen anything in a while, its going to be hard trying to start from where i left off
wiiking9 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2011
i bet.
Activestar Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2011  Student General Artist
yep, but i will be able to start wrighting again soon, i cant wait:D
wiiking9 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2011
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